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2.0 一月 10, 2006

Posted by ginger in 网络花香.


Walt Crawford的长文Library 2.0 and “Library 2.0?的html版打开比较方便。
Cites & Insights: Crawford at Large is  a journal of libraries, policy, technology and media,  is written and produced by Walt Crawford, a senior analyst at RLG.
walt crawford

昨日的文章中谈到disruptive technologies的概念,其实图林倒是应该借2.0的讨论看看我们的?务中?临哪些disruptive technologies,好好研究研究它们,让那些该死去的就死去??

正如Crawford所言,关注那些基于web2.0技术的新型?务?展?景——好好想想这些工具如何能被用?创建你自己的新型?务。(pay attention to new service possibilities that rely on “Web 2.0? tools—and think about how such tools might be used to create your own new services.)
?对2.0我们需?:放?,作个深呼?(Relax. Take a deep breath.)



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