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Fair-use of 1000000000 十二月 6, 2005

Posted by ginger in 学习笔记.

昨天下载了The Free Expression Policy Project(FEPP好?还是打?开)的《The Information Commons :A Public Policy Report》,今天他们?有新报告了:《Will Fair Use Survive? Free Expression in the Age of Copyright Control》,作者Marjorie Heins认为:“Fair use is an essential part of our political and cultural life. Requiring permission every time someone copies a document, or uses a quote or image to produce a new work, cripples our ability to share ideas.?
1. Creating an information clearinghouse
2.working with ISPs to help users prepare counter take-down notices
3.changing the law to reduce penalties for guessing wrong about fair use
??使用(fair use)?CC(creative commons)
一样也是Information commons

关于FEPP已?有人?表??了: Dead ALA projects?

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主?是为了庆?the 1 billionth holding entering WorldCat。
?边是A pewter lapel pin of the WorldCat logo。
name of oclc report      the WorldCat logo
它认为:Libraries completed their migration to our new technological platform, and we began offering new services and programs on that platform.好?还没有这么快??
?外,OCLC还出有研究性报告,??为OCLC initiatives ,包括OCLC Reports, in-depth studies 和 topical surveys 。目的在于help you understand the issues and trends that affect librarianship and let you plan for the future。这里?以下载历年的此类报告。
今年(2005)的报告题目为“Perceptions of Libraries
and Information Resources
?,是关于information-seeking habits and preferences的全?性调研稿(an international study)。值得一看。
2004年2月,OCLC?表了题为“The 2003 OCLC Environmental Scan: Pattern Recognition?的报告。英文版?以分部分下载,在这里。清?大学图书馆翻译了全文,这里有一个PDF格?的详细概?。或者这里也行。???:“审视?展环境 认清?景趋势?。

?外一项?自OCLC的东西是关于图书馆OPACS的,一份??为“ The Future of the Library Catalog: Open, Interactive, Participatory ?的PPT文档,?于FedLink Fall Members Meeting, 9 November 2005, Library of Congress, Washington, DC (USA)上。估计编目精??兄已??言了,呵呵。

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